Patio Slabs • Natural Stone • Indian Sandstone • Brickwork • Slate


Whether you want an additional recreational area to entertain friends, a clean quiet place to enjoy a coffee and a book, a private place to lie and soak up the sun or just want to increase the value of your home, creating a great first impression to visitors; we can create a patio area for you that you will be proud of.

Our experienced design/sales staff will first meet with you on site to go over your ideas for the patio or walkway you want installed and all the details that you want to incorporate into your overall plan. Your salesman will then design you a detailed scaled drawing. We will work with you on deciding on what products to use on your project that will fit your house and your budget.

We always offer the most up to date products on the market so we can always give you the opportunity to have the most unique project. We also offer a warranty on all workmanship on all of our hardscape projects.

Whether you envision using natural stone products, concrete or clay pavers or numerous types of decorative aggregates, your outdoor living space starts with hardscape installation. At C&G Paving, we are so confident in our landscape construction methods that we offer a unique warranty on workmanship. Know that we do things right from the beginning.

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